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Author: Tim Moore
Title: Travels With My Donkey
Time: around 2002
Destination: Northern Spain, Southern France
Length: several weeks
Type: walking
Rating: 6/10

Funny, but…

The story: British travel writer TM gets a donkey and takes him around the Camino from Southern France through Northern Spain, all the way to Santiago de Compostela.

Tim Moore – humorous all the way

This book is both funny and truthful. TM doesn’t miss a chance to crack a joke, and he often finds the right words. In fact, I liked the following observation so much that I even wrote it out:

“Hell is other people, said Jean-Paul Sartre, clearly a man with little experience of solo camping.”

Well put. Another noteworthy thing is that TM actually takes some time to introduce the historical background of the Camino. I appreciated that a lot. And I found his love story with the donkey very touching, especially in the end. So far so good.

needs better editing

But here’s what’s wrong with this book: it is just too long. Maybe the editor slept, or he was too much in love with TM’s writing, but I think they should have made the book leaner and more focused. It’s not about the total page count (328), but more about the focus. Sometimes I noticed that I even felt tempted to skip a few pages. All in all, I think that this one had the potential to be great.

But it would have needed better editing.

A 6/10.

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