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Author: Thomas Kohnstamm
Title: Do Travel Writers Go To Hell
Time: some time around 2004
Destination: Brazil
Length: about 2 months
Type: overland
Rating: 5/10

Mediocre gonzo

The story: TK, a wall street guy in his twenties, accepts a new job offer: to write a travel guide about Brazil, for a popular guide book called The Lonely Planet. He roams around Brazil, always on a tight budget and a tight schedule, and tries to live up to his new job. The story revolves around the difficulties and the temptations he encounters on his way.

talking about deadlines

When he finally makes it to the deadline, he has not only experienced his share of partying in the tourist environment, but also learned that is impossible for him to live up to his employer’s standards.

Well, I guess a lot of people got excited about this book. I didn’t. If you are interested in the backpacking scene, then it could be fun. Also, if you are looking for an easy read that can be humorous at times, and comes spiced up with details about sex and drug abuse, then this might be just the right thing for you.

too much gonzo or too much Thomas Kohnstamm

Just be warned that it can be pretty loud, up to the point where i sometimes just found it a bit annoying. I am not sure why this one didn’t work for me. Sure, TK is conflicted, and gonzo can be fun. But to me, it tended to be boring, if not to say shallow.

I guess I couldn’t have expected a great deal of in-depth observation about the people and the culture of Brazil in a book with a title like this, but I would have enjoyed it anyway. To me, this one is neither good nor bad.

It’s just mediocre.


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