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Author: Shirley MacLaine
Title: The Camino. A journey of the spirit.
Time: 1994
Destination: Santiago de Compostela
Length: 30 days
Type: walking
Rating: 2/10

Too much bull

The story: SML, successful actress in her sixties, walks through Northern Spain. Over the course of 30 days, she adds blisters to her feet, talks to people on the road, makes friends with other pilgrims and eventually gets into a chase with the media, causing her to walk the last bit at night. So far so good? Yes, and no.

not only bad

On one hand, SML’s journey is much more real than that of her terrible, terrible forerunner from Brazil. If you are looking for depictions of places along the Camino, you will probably not be too disappointed by this book. There is even a pretty neat map in it! Another thing I enjoyed were some of the encounters on the road, and some of the details about SML’s stardom and her private life, and how she deals with it all.

BUT, on the other hand, a substantial part of this book revolves entirely around esoteric blabla, up to the point where it gets barely tolerable. I mean, spirituality is a great thing, but does that really mean we have to read about dream visions from the Middle Ages, about Atlantis, aliens, guardian angels, etc. pp.??

Shirley MacLaine – all about the Chakras

I mean WTF, my Chakras were all like OMG LOL?? Despite all of this, I somehow managed to read the whole book. And I didn’t even skip the bull parts, even though I really wanted to. My verdict: Had SML left out most of the esoteric junk, this one could have easily been a very nice read (maybe a 7), but this way, it’s just overburdened and obnoxious.

A 2 out of 10. Too bad.

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