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Author: Nicolas Bouvier
Title: The Way Of The World
Time: 1953-54
Destination: Europe to Afghanistan
Length: two years
Type: by car

A sophisticated mind

The story: In 1953, NB, law student from Switzerland, and his friend take a Fiat on a road trip to Afghanistan. They make their way through Yugoslavia and Turkey, hang out in Iran for a while, and they eventually arrive at their destination after some complications with their car and the friend’s marital situation.

a book like a poem

The book is beautifully written. In fact, sometimes it seems rather like a poem or some other form of heavily polished literary work. NB displays some humor and some charming insights when he is talking about the people he meets along the way. I didn’t feel very much when I read this though.

did Nicolas Bouvier polish too much?

I thought it was too polished, the language was too artificial sometimes. It seemed as though NB knew everything, but I didn’t feel much of his presence. Anyway, if you enjoyed Patrick Leigh Fermor‘s writing, then you will probably also like this. But I didn’t find it just as good.

A 7/10.

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