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Author: Michael Wigge
Title: Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt [To The End Of The World, Without Any Money]
Time: 2009
Destination: Germany to Antarctica
Length: five months
Type: different modes of transportation
Rating: 3/10

Trivial fun

The story: MW, a young German TV-host, plans a trip covering some of Europe, the Americas and Antarctica – leaving his money at home. Thus, he has to come up with various ways to get free meals and places to stay, getting his hands on some extra cash here and there by entertaining people, and he even manages to get boat rides for free.

Michael Wigge – a TV guy making a TV show

The resulting book is a slim, humorous and easy read. Sadly, I found it rather trivial and, more often than not, just plain boring. Maybe this is due to the fact that there don’t seem to be any vivid characters in MW’s writing. Or did I forget them all? Or maybe I didn’t like the fact that it all sounded like so much „fun”. Either way it didn’t appeal to me.

not intense at all

If you are looking for an intense story about a vacation from normality, please read Michael Holzach, not this.


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