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Author: Matt Harding
Title: Where The Hell Is Matt?
Time: 2003-2008
Destination: around the world
Length: 5 years, though not continuously
Type: dancing
Rating: 8/10


The story: MH is a young game designer based in Australia who suddenly starts “looking for something” and picks up the delightful hobby of traveling. He lives on a tight budget and tapes himself dancing in various places around the world, and the resulting video becomes a huge hit on the Internet.

story of Matt Harding’s Internet success

This book is about MH’s story. It is made up of short episodes about his experiences in different places, which seem to be generally aligned in a chronological fashion. While most of the writing has a rather humorous feel to it, MH doesn’t sound sarcastic in any way, instead he seems like an earnest and pretty likable guy. He provides some details about his background and his personal life, making this a rather personal piece of writing.

too light?

I think some readers might be put off by the relatively light content of this book: being centered around snapshots and stills from the dancing videos, it reads pretty much like a collection of illustrated articles, and if you add the huge font size, you will probably find that you are done with its 226 pages way too soon.

Still, it is a nice little book that made me happy when I read it.

An 8/10.

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