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Author: Karl Boy-Ed
Title: Peking und Umgebung im Jahre 1900. [Beijing And Its Vicinities In The Year 1900.]
Time: 1900
Destination: China
Length: several months
Type: mostly public transport

boxer travel guide

The story: it’s the first year of the 20th century, and KBE is a lieutenant of the German army in Beijing. He sees a bit of the city and of its surroundings, and he takes part in the defense of the foreign quarters against the Chinese troops during the boxer uprising.

tourism in imperial Beijing

This is not a regular travelogue. KBE attempts to write a travel guide about the area of Beijing. He tells us how to get around, what to look at and how to make our travels more convenient. In the year 1900. He also offers some historical insights and a few black & white photos.

Karl Boy-Ed’s fighting stories

All of the above might be interesting if you are a fan of late imperial China or of Beijing in particular. But there is one more thing about this book that makes it worthwhile: KBE’s vivid account of the fighting between Chinese troops and foreign forces during the boxer uprising. It’s pretty interesting to read KBE’s view of this dark chapter in international relations.

Overall, a short and recommendable book.


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