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Author: John Ross Browne
Title: Adventures in the Apache Country
Time: 1863-1865
Destination: West of the USA
Length: 2 years, several trips
Type: caravan
Rating: 6/10

TMI about mines

[Note: I’ve been reading a German translation.]

The story: In the mid 1800s, Irish-born American writer JRB sets out on several trips from California (a state since 1850) to the areas that would later become Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

John Ross Browne’s journey through the Wild West

He writes about his journeys and about the lives of the people he runs into, and he seems to take a great interest in all sorts of mines.

too much mining business

This book is an okay read. There is certainly some of that “Wild West” attraction to it, and JRB can be a very funny and insightful writer. But generally, there was a bit too much information about the mining business in there, at least for my taste.

Maybe I was just expecting cowboys and indians? A 6/10.

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