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Author: Helge Schneider
Title: Globus Dei
Time: around 2004
Destination: the whole world
Length: as long as it takes
Type: …the powers of imagination?
Rating: 8/10

Helge Schneider is weird, but hilarious

The story: HS, who is not only a writer but also an amazing jazz musician, makes up a weird journey around the globe. It’s completely fictitious: the polar bear that took a dump in his backpack, the encounter with the busty Russian jet pilot, the hovercraft ride from Gran Canaria to Morocco – none of it ever happened.

100% fiction

But this little book (120 pages) deserves to be read anyway, because it is just too hilarious. Be warned though! I think some people are going to find HS’s writing rather weird than funny, and from their perspective, they might be right. Dada was weird. Даниил Хармс (Daniil Charms) was really fucking weird. And this one is weird. But in a funny way.

hilarious but short

The reason why this one is only an 8/10 is simply because I thought it was too short.

Anyway, a hilarious 8/10.

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