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East Africa


Author: David Livingstone
Title: Travel Diaries
Time: 1866-1873
Destination: Eastern Africa
Length: 6 years
Type: caravan
Rating: 7/10

A heart in Africa

[Note: I’ve been reading a German translation.]

The story: DL is a missionary and explorer who sets out to discover the source of the Nile. He starts in Sansibar, makes his way through some of East Africa, discovers a couple of lakes and rivers, but never finds the true source of the Nile. He gets unlucky a couple of times, has to rely on slave traders for transportation and food (even though he is strongly opposed to slavery), gets caught up in tribal feuds and eventually dies, literally leaving his heart in Africa.

diary of David Livingstone, the missionary

This is his diary. And just like that of Robert Falcon Scott, this one was also published after the author’s demise and thus didn’t undergo any further editing by him. I enjoyed it though. It was a bit lengthy at times, but DL’s insights, at least part of them, were very enlightening. One line I particularly liked went something like: Why make fun of the superstitions of others, when we Europeans won’t sit at a table with thirteen people? (13 being looked upon as an unlucky number.)


crude style, nice insights

Well, I liked this guy. His style of the writing (remember: it’s a diary) is a bit crude at times, but the dude is cool. No match for Robert Falcon Scott’s heartbreaking story, but this one was still a good one.

A solid 7/10.

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