Fabian Sixtus Körner - "Journeyman"

Fabian Sixtus Körner

Do photos, a lot of countries and a slick design make for a good book?

In the early 2010s, German designer Fabian Sixtus Körner decides he wants to see the world. He draws inspiration from the German tradition of the “journeyman years”…

Heinz Helfgen's "I'm Cycling Around The World"

Heinz Helfgen

The modern traveler.

In 1946, Heinz Helfgen, a former journalist from Germany turned Wehrmacht soldier comes from a POW camp, only to find out that things are pretty bad at home, especially money-wise…

John Muir's "A Thousand-mile Walk To The Gulf"

John Muir

Lover of plants.

It is the year 1867, and the American Civil War has only been over for about two years, when young botanist John Muir decides to take a walk from his home in Indiana to Florida…

Christopher Columbus' "Logbook"

Christopher Columbus

A surprisingly likeable dreamer.

In August 1492, forty-something Christopher Columbus from Genua sets sail in Spain, aiming at the Canary Islands and then West from there on…