The Poles

South Pole

Apsley Cherry-Garrard

Why would anyone rank this at the top of a list of travel books?

ACG is a young explorer on Scott’s team who survives and writes this book a decade later. It is essentially about Scott’s mission, but also about how ACG and other members personally experienced it. So it doesn’t consist only of ACG’s writing, but also of…

Roald Amundsen's "The South Pole"
South Pole

Roald Amundsen

Why is it almost impossible not to like the coolest guy in the Antarctican ice?

Roald Amundsen originally didn’t want the Pole in the South, instead he wanted the one in the North. But when he found out that he wasn’t going to be the first up there, he chose to secretly…

Michael Wigge's "To The End Of The World, Without Any Money"

Michael Wigge

Is this book trivial and fun, or is it just plain boring?

Michael Wigge, a young German TV-host, plans a trip covering some of Europe, the Americas and Antarctica – leaving his money at home. Thus, he has to come up with various ways to get free meals and places to stay, getting his hands on…

Robert Falcon Scott's "Diary"
South Pole

Robert Falcon Scott

If this guy doesn’t write that well, then why will his words still leave you heartbroken?

Almost exactly 100 years ago, most places on Earth had already been conquered by man. So, naturally, explorers had to start to look for new challenges – the highest mountains, the most remote deserts, the…

Matt Harding's "Where The Hell Is Matt?"

Matt Harding

Could we have expected this dancing/travel book to be a bit more rich in content?

Matt Harding is a young game designer based in Australia who suddenly starts “looking for something” and picks up the delightful hobby of traveling. He lives on a tight budget and tapes himself dancing in various places around the world, and the resulting…

Hauke Trinks' "Life In The Ice"
North Pole

Hauke Trinks

Is this a book that you can enjoy even if you don’t give a damn about polar bears?

Hauke Trinks is a professor for experimental physics who enjoys a good Arctic adventure as much as he loves science. So it seems only natural to him to go on a one-year solo stay in an isolated bay within the Arctic Circle – to find out about…