Umberto Eco

Why is this book on here and why is it so awesome?

The story is set in the Early Modern Period. It’s about a guy who finds himself on a ship in the ocean, and everything seems very mysterious at first. Why is he on the ship? Why are there a bunch of clocks on the ship with him? Where is the crew? Are supernatural things happening?

Oliver Goldsmith - "The Citizen Of The World"

Oliver Goldsmith

Is 18th century England interesting enough to read this book in its entirety?

We’re in mid-18th century England, and Oliver Goldsmith is a writer/poet with many talents. This book is a collection of “letters” he starts writing for a periodic publication around the year 1760. Why did I put…

Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe"

Daniel Defoe

Is this just one of those literary classics or can it really be included in a collection of travel books?

This is not a travelogue, it’s a novel. Daniel Defoe is a British writer in the early 1700s who comes across a fragmentary account of a sailor who got left on an island in the Atlantic. Daniel Defoe, looking for inspiration, takes these…