Nicolas Bouvier's "The Way Of The World"

Nicolas Bouvier

Is this a great piece of poetic travel writing, or has it just been overly polished?

In 1953, Nicolas Bouvier, law student from Switzerland, and his friend take a Fiat on a road trip to Afghanistan. They make their way through Yugoslavia and Turkey, hang out in Iran for a while, and they eventually…

Philippe Valéry's "On The Silk Road"

Philippe Valéry

Is this just a rather particular writing style, or is it another author distancing himself from his story?

Philippe Valéry is in his thirties when he decides to walk from Marseille in France to Kashgar in China. He gets a few sponsorships and starts on his trek, walking through…

Heinz Helfgen's "I'm Cycling Around The World"

Heinz Helfgen

What were German readers looking for in a travel book after World War II?

Heinz Helfgen is a former journalist turned POW who returns to Germany in 1946, only to find that things aren’t exactly easy work-wise. Thus, after struggling for a few years, he decides to support his family by…

Michael Olbert's "Chatwin's Guru And Me"

Michael Olbert

What happened to this otherwise decent book that caused it to be so annoying?

Michael Olbert is a big fan of Bruce Chatwin, who in turn is a fan (and a personal friend) of Patrick Leigh Fermor. He is looking for guidance, but since Bruce Chatwin is long dead, he decides to trace Patrick Leigh Fermor’s footsteps…

Patrick Leigh Fermor's "A Time of Gifts / Between the Woods and the Water"

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Is there anything not perfect about this travel book?

Patrick Leigh Fermor is only eighteen years old when he decides to take a walk through Europe – all the way from Amsterdam to Constantinople (Istanbul). He walks for one year, picks up languages, talks to locals, learns about history, and keeps…