Nadine Hudson

Why does too much often mean too little?

NH is a woman in her twenties from Switzerland who is struggling with mental health issues, most notably an eating disorder. She decides to embark on a backpacking trip through Asia. She travels on her own for a while, then she runs into a British traveler, marries him, and they continue to go on…

Henry Rollins - "Get In The Van"

Henry Rollins

Is this book going to be any good for you even if you’re not a fan of hardcore punk?

We’re in Washington, D.C. around the year 1980, and young punk enthusiast Henry Lawrence Garfield gives himself a new last name, thus becoming Henry Rollins. His favorite band Black Flag asks him to become their new lead singer, which he accepts. They record the album “Damaged”, and it goes on to become a milestone in the world of hardcore punk. Over the next half decade, the band makes a few more records, they go through several line-up changes, grow their hair long, change their musical style and tour extensively. Their shows take them through…

Xiao Peng's "Ten Years Of Backpacking"

Xiao Peng

If this guy writes so well and goes to so many cool places, then just why is this book he wrote so bad?

Xiao Peng is a young Chinese white-collar worker who decides that he wants to see the world. He first travels around China, then ends up as an exchange student in the Netherlands. From there, he sets out to…

Tony Hawks' "Round Ireland With A Fridge"

Tony Hawks

How far can British humor carry a story that otherwise revolves entirely around itself?

We’re in the late 1990s. Tony Hawks is a British music composer/comedian (not a skater!) who sets out to lug a refridgerator around Ireland. You might have already guessed it: he is trying to…

Gunther Plüschow's "The Adventures of the Aviator of Tsingtao"

Gunther Plüschow

Can we read about warfare as if it was just an adventure?

At the outbreak of WW1, Gunther Plüschow, a young pilot in the German air force, gets dispatched to the German colony of Qingdao (they called it “Tsingtau” back then). He is supposed to be one of only two pilots on guard against the…

Laurie Lee's "As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning"

Laurie Lee

Even if the words are beautiful, aren’t less words sometimes better?

Laurie Lee is a young man of just over twenty, when he steps out of his door and decides to walk to London. He then stays there for a year, works in construction and…

Heinrich Heine's "Travel Pictures"

Heinrich Heine

These travel stories from 19th century Germany remain recommendable, but why?

Heinrich Heine is already a pretty successful German poet/journalist when he embarks on several journeys to Berlin, Poland, the Harz, the North Sea, Italy and England. He travels mostly on foot, and he…

Karl Philipp Moritz' "Journeys of a German in England in 1782"

Karl Philipp Moritz

What makes this book such a pleasant read after more than two centuries?

Karl Philipp Moritz follows his “most fervent wish” and embarks on a two month journey around England – mostly on foot. He spends quite a bit of time in London, then visits Richmond, Windsor, Oxford, Castleton and…