Nadine Hudson

Why does too much often mean too little?

NH is a woman in her twenties from Switzerland who is struggling with mental health issues, most notably an eating disorder. She decides to embark on a backpacking trip through Asia. She travels on her own for a while, then she runs into a British traveler, marries him, and they continue to go on…

Philippe Valéry's "On The Silk Road"

Philippe Valéry

Is this just a rather particular writing style, or is it another author distancing himself from his story?

Philippe Valéry is in his thirties when he decides to walk from Marseille in France to Kashgar in China. He gets a few sponsorships and starts on his trek, walking through…

Stanley Stewart's "Frontiers of Heaven"

Stanley Stewart

Is China really that strange, or do we sometimes just want things to be a certain way?

Travel writer Stanley Stewart starts in Shanghai – and travels overland through China, all the way to Xinjiang and into Pakistan. He writes about what he sees along the ancient Silk Roads, talks to locals, checks out historical relics – and he even has…