Rob Lilwall's "Walking Home From Mongolia"

Rob Lilwall

What’s wrong with adventure travel writing if we get bored by it?

Rob Lilwall is a British adventurer who has managed to cycle home from Siberia to the UK. This time, he decides to take a buddy along (Irish adventurer Leon McCarron) and walk from Mongolia to Hongkong, which is his new home. The two manage to…

Giovanni DiPlano Carpini's "The Story Of The Mongols Whom We Call The Tartars"

Giovanni DiPlano Carpini

Is it naive to hope for peace with the Khan?

A few years after the Mongol attacks on Eastern Europe, the Pope decided to send a cleric to the court of the Khan. That cleric was Giovanni DiPlano Carpini, and his mission (unlike that of Guillaume de Rubrouck a few years later) was to find out…

Guillaume de Rubrouck's "Account of the Mongols"

Guillaume de Rubrouck

How is it possible that sometimes 750 years don’t leave a trace?

Guillaume de Rubrouck was a Franciscan monk who got dispatched to Mongolia by his king, Louis IX of France. He was supposed to find out more about the Mongolians and see if they could be used against the Muslims. Well, they couldn’t, because…

Marco Polo's "Description Of The World"
Central Asia

Marco Polo

Why is this one still so good today, even though a lot of it is untrue?

This could well be the most famous travel book of them all. It’s a slow read though…