Philippe Valéry's "On The Silk Road"

Philippe Valéry

Not personal enough.

In the late 1990s, French manager Philippe Valéry is in his thirties when he decides to walk from Marseille to Kashgar…

Jehan de Mandeville's "The Travels"

Jean de Mandeville

Why is it so much fun to read Medieval travel stories that are at least partly untrue?

Sven Hedin's "In The Heart Of Asia"

Sven Hedin

Are we looking at a career-obsessed explorer or at a blueprint for Indiana Jones?

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta's "The Travels"

Ibn Battuta

Did conservative ethics turn this great adventure story into such a slow read?

Marco Polo's "Description Of The World"

Marco Polo

Why is this one still so good today, even though a lot of it is untrue?