Xiao Peng's "Ten Years Of Backpacking"

Xiao Peng

If this guy writes so well and goes to so many cool places, then just why is this book he wrote so bad?

Xiao Peng is a young Chinese white-collar worker who decides that he wants to see the world. He first travels around China, then ends up as an exchange student in the Netherlands. From there, he sets out to…

Volker Häring's "A Bus Called Wanda"

Volker Häring

Just where exactly is the dividing line between the cultural expert and the ignorant visitor?

Volker Häring is an “old China hand” from Germany, a dude who’s been staying in the People’s Republic for a few decades. He offers guided bike tours for foreign tourists, and sometimes he ventures out to explore new routes. This book is a collection of his…

Andreas Altmann's "The Price Of Lightness"

Andreas Altmann

How was an otherwise good travel book ruined by too much preaching?

German travel writer Andreas Altmann undertakes an overland trip around some parts of Southeast Asia. A few of the people he hangs out with are friends he knows from previous trips, but most of the people…